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There may be something that you are doing wrong or there may be something which you don't know how to handle. But The Extent got your back there. This page will get you articles that will teach you how to handle stuff. Maybe you find what you need.

How To Downgrade iOS 11 GM To iOS 10.3.3

Just after the launch of iPhone 8/Plus and iPhone X, Apple released the iOS 11 GM for the persons who are the part of their BETA family while delaying the launch...
home server wireless modem

How To Create A Home Server Using Wireless Modem

So you know what is a server right? On listening about servers, you may have felt that it is very difficult to make. But wait, think again. Making of the home...

How to Fix Slow Performance Issue in a HP Laptop with Windows 10 OS?

No doubt HP laptops are ruling over the market. They are preferred because of their exclusive features like high-performance, reliability, innovation, technology and design. One can choose from a number of...

How To Fix Cannon Printer Not Working

The image of office, commercial place or any other location where there is multiplication of assignment in reference to carrying out office or paper work this is where canon comes. In...
ios 11 beta 5 downgrade to ios 10

How To Downgrade iOS 11 Beta 6 To iOS 10.3.3?

Did you upgraded to the iOS 11 Beta 6 in order to test whats coming? Well I know its very buggy and you are willing to go back to the stable...
How To Get Google Assistant On iOS

How To Get Google Assistant On iPhone In India?

These days, digital assistants are everywhere. They are in more use than ever before. Google is doing best in business of assistants with its Google Assistant which was earlier an on...


Introducing Insider

There are many people asking about the Insider category which is technically the most viewed category of The Extent. So, today I am going...