Welcome to The Extent. We hope your journey with us is going good. Technology is going very fast these days and we are here to share information on all those things. We have kept every thing simple for you to explore more easily than ever before. The Extent is a multimedia effort made in 2017. The exact date of the launch of our site was in 14th July. Our site displays posts in systematic way with the help of categories made. On the homepage itself you can find total of 6 categories. Following is the detailed information on all of them:-


This is one of the main categories ever made. Here, you will find news articles specifically related to Technology. I Would like to include that this is the most updated category on The Extent.


Reviews articles written on The Extent are based on the likes and dislikes of the reviewer but they are not fake. We believe that a reviewer should review as per the things he/she likes. We give reviews on the basis of our usage.


There is a lot more going on in the world of tech and everything is covered here. We are having more plans for this category which will be brought into consideration very soon.


This category actually helps you to solve your problems which you may face using some tech. We are always here to solve your problems all you need to do is find it here.


We even make you aware of the leaked features of the upcoming phones and Technology in our Rumors section.


The Extent even helps photographers by doing reviews of the cameras and giving some suggestions which may improve their photography skills. Note this category is for photographers only and all the content like reviews will not be available anywhere else on our site except this category.


We even cover application content. Here you will find rumors, reviews, app news for the application lovers.


Founders: Gurman Singh

Edited By:- Gurman Singh

Authors:- Gurman Singh, Digvijay Singh

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